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AMERICAblog Acts Like A, Well, Typical Mean Lefty Blog

I’m not surprised or shocked by this rant at AMERICAblog by John Avorosis. You know I love to post how the party that considers themselves compassionate and smart is anything but Go away you horrible human being You know why Hillary is horrible in his eyes, right? Because she won’t quit, so, she is now […]

Palestinians Campaigning For Obama

If Billy Jeff was the first Black president, will Obama be the first Islamist? (National Review Online) Phil Klein calls our attention to an al-Jazeera news report that sounds like a parody, but is genuine: A report on Palestinians in Gaza who are phonebanking in support of Barack Obama’s campaign. Let’s watch As Van Helsing […]

Global Warming Today: Goracle On Myanmar

I hate the phrase “jumped the shark.” It is completely overused, and used for everything. That said, I’d ask if Al Gore has jumped the shark with this one, but, he probably did that long ago (World Net Daily) Al Gore has made the pronouncement: Tens of thousands were killed by a cyclone in Myanmar […]

Congrats To Jay At Stop The ACLU! Little Baby Reagan

Head on over to Stop The ACLU and see his new baby!

When Democrats Lie, Go Racist, And Get Stupid

Right Of Mississippi catches the DCCC playing the race card, and the folks who keep telling us the Left is smarter then everyone else get it wrong Southaven Mayor Greg Davis said Thursday he would be willing to display the Jefferson Davis statue, which is in Downtown Memphis, near City Hall at the end of […]

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