Daily Archives: May 26, 2008

Jihadi Wins Darwin Award While Helping Buds To ‘Splode

 Watch the dumbass witht he rocket launcher shoot it and take out his jihadi buds. I think the Koran requires jihadi’s who do this to pony up for virgins. (h/t The Jawa Report)

Nutroots Freakout Alert: Trotta Laughs At Her Misspeak

We have a 10 on the Liberal Seething Scale going in the Nutroots region of this (via Memeorandum) Gosh, that’s just mean, isn’t it? Or, as Lauren S at the Daily Kosbat puts it This is going to be a brief diary but I think this video clip should be spread around to show how […]

US Talks With Iran On Iraq. Huh? I Thought We Weren’t!

Wait, didn’t John Kerry just tells us the other day that we weren’t talking to Iran? In short, not talking to Iran has failed. Miserably. And you had all the other left wing lunatics claiming, in their defense of Obama wanting his without pre-condition tea and crumpets talks with the Ahmadenijad, that we are not […]

Memorial Day Monday: Pause, Reflect, Urges Commission

From Operation Iraqi Freedom  While Americans enjoy the traditional summer kick-off weekend with vacations, backyard barbecues, pool openings and picnics, the White House Commission on Remembrance is asking them to take a moment on Memorial Day to remember the true meaning of the holiday. The National Moment of Remembrance was created “to provide a time […]

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