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20% Of Democrats Say They Will Vote For McCain

Here’s a story you are not going to see in the liberal Credentialed Media. They are too busy telling us that this one Republican and that one Republican is now a Democrat and wants to have Barack’s baby. You know, the same standard story, with a different candidate’s name, that we see every election cycle […]

Cigarette Bill Panders To Blacks

Once again the Democrat Party puts group indenty political pandering over their “morals” (NY Times) Some public health experts are questioning why menthol, the most widely used cigarette flavoring and the most popular cigarette choice of African-American smokers, is receiving special protection as Congress tries to regulate tobacco for the first time. The legislation, which would give […]

Global Warming Today: Climate Models Are Fault, Part 3,496

Climahysterics have been relying on computer models for decades to prove that Man is killing us all with warming,  much like they rely on the cute drawings with no factual proof to prove that the theory of Evolution is real. How’s that working out? Computer analyses of global climate have consistently overstated warming in Antarctica, concludes new […]

Obama To Hit McCain On Long Senate Record

Sardonic. Ironic. (The Politico) To that end, he responded to McCain’s speech on the environment just now, hitting McCain on that long Senate record we’re going to learn a lot about this year: Obama is the last person in the presidential race that should be talking about anyone else’s record, since his is barely existent. […]

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