Obama To Hit McCain On Long Senate Record

Sardonic. Ironic.

(The Politico) To that end, he responded to McCain’s speech on the environment just now, hitting McCain on that long Senate record we’re going to learn a lot about this year:

Obama is the last person in the presidential race that should be talking about anyone else’s record, since his is barely existent. He must have been speaking away from his teleprompter.

What did Obama say?

It is truly breathtaking for John McCain to talk about combating climate change while voting against virtually every recent effort to actually invest in clean energy. You don’t have to look further than the wind turbine plant where Senator McCain is speaking today to assess his commitment to this cause. While Senator McCain talks about the need to invest in alternative energy, he rejected the single biggest investment in renewable energy in history, including incentives that contributed to a nearly 50% increase in wind power generation last year, and he has repeatedly opposed renewable fuel mandates and higher fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks.

In stark contrast, I’ve called for a national standard to ensure that we’re using more renewable energy, an expansion of our green energy sector that would create millions of green jobs, and a bipartisan plan to double our fuel efficiency standards. That is why the American people will have a clear choice in November when I am the nominee – between a candidate who opposes real solutions to our energy crisis, and leadership that will solve it once and for all.

Say, Barack NMN Obama, have you, you know, submitted legislation? He tells us quite a bit about what he will do, but, so far, nothing more then a case of motor mouth. Perhaps Obama should recognize that it is Teddy Kennedy that is blocking the biggest wind farm, known as the Cape Wind Project, in the USA. Didn’t Teddy endorse Obama?

Kinda hard to solve problems when one never steps up to the plate.

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3 Responses to “Obama To Hit McCain On Long Senate Record”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Ted Kennedy was a member of the minority party when thise wind farm was blocked. The legislation was passed by the Republican led congress. This legsilation was to prohibit wind farms with in 1.5 miles of shipping lanes. Cape wind is located directly in the main Boston New York shipping lanes. Most of the opponents of Cape Wind have supported that corporations second choice for a site located about 20 miles southwest, but still in MA state waters.

  2. John, no one else cared about the Cape Wind Project being blocked by Kennedy. Go check out the actual Cape Wind Project website, and learn something.

    And, yes, I know he got James Inhofe to help him block it. Do you support Kennedy’s actions?

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Beware of Salt Water Kennedy Curse:
    * JFK PT 109
    * Ted Kennedy Designated Limo Driver 1969
    * John John Wannabe PILOT
    – CHOWWWWWDER 2008

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