Illegal Immigrant Convicted Of Houston Police Officers Murder

But, hey, he is just your average hard working illegal!

An illegal immigrant found guilty of killing a Houston police officer show no emotion as his verdict was being read, but his victim’s family hugged, wept and even offered the killer’s family their condolences.

“Cause if my son had done what he did, it would kill me,” Houston Police Officer and victim Rodney Johnson’s mother, Cynthia Johnson, said. “I mean really hurt, so they’re suffering, too.”

Jurors convicted Juan Leonardo Quintero-Perez  of capital murder shortly before 6 p.m. Thursday, less than six hours of deliberating the case.  The sentencing phase of the trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday at 10 a.m. Quintero faces the death penalty.

Quintero, 34, faced the capital murder charge in the 2006 death of  Houston Police Department Officer Rodney Johnson. Johnson’s colleague and friend Gary Blankenship said the verdict is the first painful step on the road to closure.

These are the kinds of people the open borders crowd gets.

Johnson’s shooting renewed criticism of the Houston Police Department’s policy that only allows officers to ask about immigration status after arresting a suspect.

Critics of the policy said it encourages illegal immigration by creating so-called “sanctuary cities” and it ties officers’ hands in enforcing the law.

In January 2008, Quintero’s employer, Robert Lane Camp, was indicted with allegedly helping the illegal immigrant return to the U.S. after being deported in 1999 on a conviction for indecency with a child.

It keeps getting better and better.

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