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Joe Biden Is Barking Mad Over Democrats Weak Security Stances

Say, Joe, have you looked at all the retreat and defeat your party has put forth? At Dick Durban comparing our troops to Nazi’s, at Ted Kennedy saying our troops at Abu Ghraid were the same as Saddam’s henchmen, at the way liberal groups, who, yes, vote Democrat, such as Code Pink, abuse our troops […]

Pirate Linkfest Sticky – Memorial Day Weekend

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Surrender Monkey Friday-NIMBY

As the Democrats bloviate on and on and on and on about gas prices (notice their massive escalation since the Democrats regained control of Congress?) yet offer no viable ideas, we learn about NIMBY The United States should increase its domestic oil supply by opening up more drilling sites, several members of the Senate told […]

NY Times: The Invisible War

Only in the La La Liberal Land of The New York Times editorial pages The Invisible War by Timothy Egan Landing in Seattle after a long flight from Texas, I was about to join the exit scrum when the pilot informed us there were five soldiers on board, ending a three-day odyssey home from Iraq. […]

McCain Releases Medical Records

Over at McCain Blogs, John McCain has released his medical records. No sign of Obama’s yet.

Aside: Guess Who Wants To Nationalize The Oil Industry?

Guess who wants to nationalize the oil industy? Which party do you think it is? Check Hot Air for the answer.

cBS Uses Humor To Tell Us How Old McCain Is

Or, as they termed it Critics Try To Make McCain’s Age An Issue CBSNews.com Reports: Senator Using Humor To Deflect Charges He Is Too Old For Presidency John McCain is 71 years old. You would be hard pressed to argue that that’s an insignificant number – it’s only a few years less than the average […]

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