NY Times: The Invisible War

Only in the La La Liberal Land of The New York Times editorial pages

The Invisible War by Timothy Egan

Landing in Seattle after a long flight from Texas, I was about to join the exit scrum when the pilot informed us there were five soldiers on board, ending a three-day odyssey home from Iraq. Could we let them pass?

What followed was prolonged applause by all, and a startling reminder to some – oh, are we still at war?

Egan then goes on the predictable liberal rant, including

Yet, for its prolonged clutch on our treasury and blood, no war as been so out-of-sight, so stage-managed to be painless and invisible. We’re supposed to shop, to spend our stimulus checks, to carry on as if nothing has happened — or is happening. Every now and then we get to rise at a stadium or pause on an airplane. Some sacrifice.

It would have been more fitting for us on that plane to stand aside while a flag-draped coffin was unloaded. At least then, we would get a moment to wonder what it’s like to put a 19-year-old son in a grave, to lose a sister, a spouse, to see war as something more than a parlor game of neo-cons.

Got that? Egan would prefer to see a “flag-draped coffin,” and I am asuming, based on my experience observing Liberal World, that Egan is referring to an American flag, rather then a live service man or woman. This is how a liberal says he “supports the troops.” Flag-draped coffins.

Meanwhile, no one is stopping the media from doing any reporting, unlike what liberal icon FDR did during WWII. Matter of fact, those of us on the right would welcome honest, fair, and balanced reporting from the credentialed media, but, since most of the bad news has dried up from Iraq, the media, including the paper that Egan wrote this editorial for, and has an 18 year history being empoyed at, have moved on from Iraq, for the most part. It is not the Bush administrations job to do the reporting.

If Egan really cared, perhaps he could get the NY Times to print some of the articles that our folks in uniform write, such as from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Let’s look at how some of the moonbats in the comments react

  • I know the country is at war, that the economy is in a financial sink-hole due to the way it’s been carried out and on top of this, it’s an election year. Having thus pointed out some rather obvious truths, why, I ask you, can’t someone stand up in congress to float the proposal of bringing impeachment proceedings against the most unpopular President in our country’s history and the one person most responsible for the worst economy since the Depression? (let’s see if that latter part becomes a new liberal meme)
  • Until every American feels the shame on a very deep , personal level, Bush & Company will have their way, blood for oil will rule our childrens days.
  • It is a historic example of what can take place when a large portion of the populace is more concerned about electing a pro-life candidate as opposed to someone who could be a real President. country.
  • Thank you for this superb article. We need a 1000 more like it from every newspaper and magazine in the country. (unintentional irony)
  • What needs to be shown each night on television and each day in the press are four numbers: Veteran Deaths, Veteran Wounded, Veteran Suicides, Cost of War Update. Anything less amounts to diabolical Republican manipulation of the news. Showing pictures of returning coffins indicates nothing less than the fruits of Republican political labor. The damn fools need to be exposed every hour of every day until the next election.
  • In highlighting the suffering of American military families in this long drawn out conflict you have yet to elucidate a thought to those people who’s misfortune it has been to live in Iraq. Iraqi civilians have seen there nation invaded, plundered and destroyed all in the name of a war based on dubious motives that has been quietly forgotten by the mostly unaffected and complacent public in the aggressor state.
  •  I want to see the media, including the NYT, have a front page picture of flag draped coffins coming home. I want all of you journalists to go to your editors together, as one, and hammer at them until they do. Or go on strike. But do something! Articles like this are few and far between, so I thank you, but pictures are worth so much more. You need to do a series of stories on dead and injured American soldiers, their families, the Iraqi refugees, the Iraqi dead. Bring this war front and center again. The war is not over…it is not over! (again, we see a liberal that prefers the sight of dead American soldiers to live ones)
  • Hiding secrets during time of war was once called treason. Bush should be properly accused, tried, and if found guilty, immediately impeached. Where’s the Special Prosecutor when we need them?
  • What can we do as a country? live close to work. ride a bike. live in smaller houses. Our addiction to our oversized lifestyles is what allowed us to be lead to war in the first place. Iraq, which was supposedly linked to 9/11; which was such a threat to our American way of life that it took a grand total of 2 weeks to destroy their army; which had weapons of mass destruction. We as a public believed, because we wanted to. The same way we believe that cheap energy is our right. the same way we believe that half a million dollar debt is somehow normal. We allowed this to happen with our shortsightedness. This war is like most other things in this country: “You can have it right now and not pay for 18 months!!!”. I see the world’s problems solved on a daily basis in the comments and commentaries. What will happen is we will muddle along as best we can in a situation of our own making. (winner for weirdest comment)

There are plenty of other moonbat comments, usually mentioning impeachment. I’ll give the Times this, their comments are not the fever swamps that the Washington Post’s are.

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