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Hey, That US-Mexico Border Is Looking Good!

Great vacation spot! The U.S. State Department has issued an alert, warning travelers that the “equivalent to military small-unit combat” is taking place across the southern U.S. border in Mexico and that Americans are being kidnapped and murdered there. “Recent Mexican army and police force conflicts with heavily-armed narcotics cartels have escalated to levels equivalent […]

Avast! Weekend Pirate Linkfest 5/16-5/18

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Surrender Monkey Friday: Obama And Dems Protest Too Much

You just know that the Democrats are going to continue whining about what Dubya said yesterday about appeasing terrorists, terrorist leaders, and terrorist countries. Interesting thought, which I have heard expressed by a few pundits: why are the Democrats protesting so much? Could it be because Bush was 100% correct? Sure seems that way. If […]

Court Approves Evil Gay Agenda

Hey, don’t blame me, that is the headline that the San Francisco Chronicle is running for this story We are all going to die. Very, very soon. Did you know? Apparently, the signs are all in place and the plague is clearly nigh and Armageddon is fast upon us because, oh my angry heterosexual god, […]

Bin Laden Releases New Tape On Israel’s 60th Birthday

And, gee, to liberals dismay, he says 9/11 was about liberating Palestine, not how evil America is (CBS News) Al Qaeda’s media operation has released a new audio message on the Internet from Osama bin Laden, dealing primarily with Israel and the Palestinians on the 60th anniversary of Israel’s creation. The message, downloaded by CBS […]

Top Ten Boobed TV Babes

Cracked takes a shot at determining the top 6 most gratuitously cleavaged women on TV. Interesting, in more ways then one, but, I could have done without #1. How could they forget about Number 6 on Battlestar Galactica, who spends most of the series cavorting in a low cut red dress, and Elizabeth Mitchell from […]

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