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Prozac Diaries: When They Just Can’t Move On. Updated

A second Prozac Diary of the day (granted, I could probably spend all day posting these just by doing quick searches at liberal websites), this one from the reality based community at the Democratic Underground Corrections: In Which The NYT Perpetuates the Myth It Created – That George Bush Won Florida in 2000 2000 Elections […]

Sen. Leiberman Responds To The NY Times

I mentioned back on Sunday that the NY Times editorial board loves Islamist video’s, as they blasted Joe Leiberman for asking Youtube to ban jihadi video’s. Now, Joe has responded (via The Jawa Report) In “Joe Lieberman, Would-Be Censor” (editorial, May 25), you proclaim it “ludicrous” to “claim that the Internet promotes terrorism.” But the […]

Global Warming Irony: Stuck In The Sea Ice

Here’s one that is making the rounds via Watts Up With That? (Globe and Mail) I am on the bridge of the massive Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, and the tension is palpable. We have hit ice – thick ice. We are travelling from the northeastern corner of Russia, across the Bering Sea and the top […]

Obama To Scrutinize Bush Laws For Constitutionality

Barack NMN Obama is now doing some serious pandering to the Nutroots and Bush haters Maybe it’s his background teaching constitutional law. If elected president, Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama said one of the first things he wants to do is ensure the constitutionality of all the laws and executive orders passed while Republican […]

NC Dems Love Those Wascally Illegals!

Well, if this isn’t the cat’s meow Illegal immigrants would continue to have access to state universities and community colleges under legislation filed Tuesday by Reps. Pricey Harrison, Paul Luebke and Rick Glazier. Gee, N&O, no mention that all three are, yup! Democrats? Shocka! Their bill would prevent the UNC Board of Governors and the […]

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