NC Dems Love Those Wascally Illegals!

Well, if this isn’t the cat’s meow

Illegal immigrants would continue to have access to state universities and community colleges under legislation filed Tuesday by Reps. Pricey Harrison, Paul Luebke and Rick Glazier.

Gee, N&O, no mention that all three are, yup! Democrats? Shocka!

Their bill would prevent the UNC Board of Governors and the State Board of Community Colleges from requiring prospective students to disclose their immigration status, Dan Kane reports.

The legislation counters two other bills filed this session by Republican lawmakers that would prevent illegal immigrants from attending the state’s universities and community colleges. The issue of those students’ admission first surfaced late last year when the community college system announced a new policy telling all 58 campuses that they should admit students regardless of their immigration status.

So, let’s see: Democrats want to give almost the full privileges of college to people who are not only not North Carolina residents, but, here illegally. Great. And how much does this cost the People of NC, who end up picking up the tab? How many legitimate NC residents will have a tough time finding a space at one of the colleges because of this? Might an actual resident be denied a space at one of the University of North Carolina schools because an illegal alien has it, and have to go to a community college, or look out of state? All in the name of picking up potential voters and political correctness.

If Democrats have another legitimate reason for doing this, I’d love to hear it.

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