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WSJ Says Kick Burma Out Of The U.N.

Granted, I do not read the Wall Street Journal a ton. Just too many news sources out there. But, I cannot remember the WSJ, or any other news source, calling for the United Nations to kick out member states like Cuba, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other massive human rights violaters. But, Burma? Theys gots […]

Swimsuits Still Piss The RoP Off

The people on the German court who made this ruling should probably get body guards and bomb sniffing dogs for their personal protection A Muslim girl in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia cannot skip co-ed swimming lessons because of religious prohibitions against wearing formfitting clothing, a German court ruled on Wednesday. The administrative court […]

McCain’s Mom’s Day Video

Nice, eh? Of course, this did cause massive liberal seething. Not that that is unusual, mind you.

Sob Story: Illegals Get Health Care In The Shadows

I think I am getting the sniffles already from this NY Times sob story The curandera is weary from work. Three, four, five times a day, the immigrant farm workers knock on her apartment door, begging her to cure their ailments. They complain of indigestion, of rashes, of post-traumatic panic attacks. Then there are the […]

Obama On Capital Hill Thursday

Good thing he showed up. Let’s watch the video Isn’t that special? What’s more special, he showed up and did not bother to vote on either of the two roll calls. Matter of fact, he has been deemed as not voting for the majority of Senate votes this year.

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