Daily Archives: May 17, 2008

French Arrest 10 Terrorists

What prompted this? Authorities in France, Germany and the Netherlands on Friday detained at least 10 people suspected of helping to fund al-Qaida-linked militants with roots in Uzbekistan, officials said. Maybe they are getting wise.

1,000 Detained By Iraqi Forces

Why is this not bigger news? Also, how the hell did this actually get printed (goes back to my theory that good news from Iraq is printed in the NY Times of Saturdays because the editors are all getting drunk on Friday nights. Apparently, it extends to Reuters) Iraqi forces have detained more than 1,000 […]

The Hissy Fits Over Bush’s Knesset Comments Continue

Senator Squisy, AKA, Senator “someone mentioned appeasement so they must have been talking about me,” AKA Barack NMN Obama, is still whining about Bush’s comments, and all sorts of outlets, from the Credentialed Media to the left wing blogs to the Democrat stooges are still having meltdowns. It is front page of most of the […]

Living The Utopian Dream

The NY Times breathlessly relates stories of people who say they will give it all up Like many other young couples, Aimee and Jeff Harris spent the first years of their marriage eagerly accumulating stuff: cars, furniture, clothes, appliances and, after a son and a daughter came along, toys, toys, toys. Now they are trying […]

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