Global Warming Irony: Stuck In The Sea Ice

Here’s one that is making the rounds via Watts Up With That?

icebreak stuck in ice(Globe and Mail) I am on the bridge of the massive Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, and the tension is palpable. We have hit ice – thick ice.

We are travelling from the northeastern corner of Russia, across the Bering Sea and the top of Canada to Resolute Bay in Nunavut. At least that’s the plan. We haven’t even reached Canadian waters and we are already in trouble.

The ice master studies the mountains of white packed around the ship while the 24,000-horsepower diesel engines work at full throttle to open a path. The ship rises slowly onto the barrier of ice, crushes it and tosses aside blocks the size of small cars as if they were ice cubes in a glass. It creeps ahead a few metres, then comes to a halt, its bow firmly wedged in the ice. After doing this for two days, the ship can go no farther.

The ice master confers with the captain, who makes a call to the engine room. The engines are shut down. He turns to those of us watching the drama unfold, and we are shocked by his words: “Now, only nature can help this ship.” We are doomed to drift.

What irony. I am a passenger on one of the most powerful icebreakers in the world, travelling through the Northwest Passage – which is supposed to become almost ice-free in a time of global warming, the next shipping route across the top of the world – and here we are, stuck in the ice, engines shut down, bridge deserted. Only time and tide can free us.

Cold irony indeed!

In related Climahysteria news, Michelle Malkin points out that the environuts are not satisfied with polar bears, now they are championing walrus’, because of “threats from global warming and offshore petroleum development.” So, they are not actually endangered, but they might be!!!!! Any wonder I call them climahysterics?

At ICECAP, Warmists in Frantic Effort to Save their Failing Theory.

Climate Skeptic features What Really Drives Weather Deaths?

The Seattle PI shows that “Climate change” is mostly about feelings, not science.

The Calgary Herald is going to be ripped for posting a story about the end of climahysteria consensus. (BTW, I was supposed to recieve a copy of the book in that story, was looking forward to reading it, got lost in the mail. Not the post office’s fault)

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