Bin Laden Releases New Tape On Israel’s 60th Birthday

And, gee, to liberals dismay, he says 9/11 was about liberating Palestine, not how evil America is

bin laden(CBS News) Al Qaeda’s media operation has released a new audio message on the Internet from Osama bin Laden, dealing primarily with Israel and the Palestinians on the 60th anniversary of Israel’s creation.

The message, downloaded by CBS Newsfrom the prominent jihadist Web forum El Ekhlas, did not include any new images of the al Qaeda chief.

The 9:40-minute audio by bin Laden showed an old photo of his face over a brown graphic and included the title, “A Message to the Peoples of the West: From Sheik Osama bin Laden,” with the subheading: “The Reasons for the Struggle on the 60th Anniversary of the Creation of the Occupation State of Israel.”

Bin Laden began his message by telling listeners that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has always been the primary cause for friction between the West and the Muslim world – a struggle which he said was getting more difficult due to European policies biased in Israel’s favor.

“The Palestinian cause has been the main factor that, since my early childhood, fueled my desire, and that of the 19 freemen (Sept. 11 bombers), to stand by the oppressed, and punish the oppressive Jews and their allies,” the al Qaeda chief said.

I think Bin Laden is getting Democrat Alzheimers, which is where you forget everything but those things you can pander to a constituency over.

But, this does feed the fuel for the anti-Israel forces, including all those in such enlightened places like San Francisco (See Zombietime) and college campuses.

The paper of record managed to bury the story and just used the AP feed.

Keep an eye on The Jawa Report and Laura Mansfield. I’m working on uploading the video to Youtube from the Laura Mansfield link.

More: woops! The video is all in whatever the hell language a rag head terrorist speaks. Laura should have a translation at some point soon.

 DUmmies gone wild

  • here they go, dragging him out again, “Friday’s message, which lasted about nine minutes, was posted on a website commonly used by al-Qaeda.”

    does anyone know what commonly known website this is? I’d like to see the message and the website because I highly doubt one exists.

  • And again, HOW CON-VEEEEEN-IENT!
  • Impressive, for a dead guy.
  • How shocking! He tends to pop up at the weirdest times, doesn’t he? Time for the bogeyman to make a timely appearance, yawn.
  • When you care enough to scare with the very best: bin-Laden videos. It’s not video, it’s BLV

Yes, it is strange that one of the world’s premiere terrorist leaders would make a vid on Israel’s 60th birthday. I cannot imagine why he would do that. Can you?

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