20% Of Democrats Say They Will Vote For McCain

Here’s a story you are not going to see in the liberal Credentialed Media. They are too busy telling us that this one Republican and that one Republican is now a Democrat and wants to have Barack’s baby. You know, the same standard story, with a different candidate’s name, that we see every election cycle

A string of polls conducted by the Suffolk University Political Research Center over the past month–in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and, now, West Virginia–show that roughly 20 percent of Democratic primary voters are ready to vote for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in November if their choice candidate isn’t the nominee. (snip)

The poll shows that almost a quarter of Democratic voters in the state (23 percent) say they will vote for Republican nominee McCain in November if their candidate loses the nomination battle. (See Poll ). Only 40 percent now say they will vote for the Democratic Party’s eventual nominee no matter what happens in the primaries, while nearly a third said they would be undecided. Six percent say they will support independent candidate Ralph Nader.

Again, it is a long time till the general election, but this is a trend that has continued for several months now. It is also interesting to see that Democrats will defect because their candidate did not win, i.e. feelings, while Republicans will supposedly defect because they do not agree with McCain on policy. So far, I haven’t seen a poll about the latter.

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3 Responses to “20% Of Democrats Say They Will Vote For McCain”


    I did see it on Fox News this evening. Mr. Hume was chuckling about it.

  2. It should be amusing if it comes to pass, which, since Dems act more on emotion then thought, and they have shown the ability to hold massive grudges since 2000……

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Pollmeister Ryan is MIA and AWOL now?
    Dems for McCain 20% plus Nader 3% = 23%
    EXTRA for the GOP? MERRY CHRISTMAS early mateys…

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