Bob Corker Becomes Senator Squishy

Seriously, what is it about elected Republicans that turn them into squishy Democrat apologists and stooges? As soon as a Democrat starts whining and crying (Voinavich usually joins in on that!) and throwing a hissy fit, in other words, acting like a 4 year old, there always seems to be some Republican to side with them and decry what other Republicans and/or Conservatives have done.

Case in point. As I mentioned yesterday at McCain Blogs, Obama whined like a little 4 year old regarding the Tennessee GOP taking shots at his America hating wife. Next up

The office of Senator Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee, has weighed in today, siding with Senator Barack Obama’s objections to the state’s G.O.P. Web campaign against Michelle Obama.

Today, Mr. Corker’s chief of staff, Todd Womack, demanded that his boss’ state party remove the Web ad:

After the Republican National Committee damaged our campaign with their infamous ‘Call Me’ ad — which we immediately denounced — we have strongly encouraged the national party and state parties to absolutely refrain from getting involved in negative personal campaigning, and we have asked the state party to remove their You Tube ad from their Web site.

Republicans will be in much better shape if we spend our time focused on issues like reducing federal spending, lowering the cost of health care and creating a coherent energy policy.

Gone squishy. Can you imagine a Democrat doing that, i.e, calling out their own Party for running what are actually factual ads about the political opponent? I’ll give you a few minutes to stop laughing.

Corker is correct, though, that the GOP should do what he said in the 2nd paragraph of the release. Except, perhaps Corker and Company should worry more about the national GOP getting off their asses, rather then the Tn. State GOP.

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2 Responses to “Bob Corker Becomes Senator Squishy”

  1. Thomas Jackson says:

    What do you expect from a man whose role models are an eel and a squid?

  2. teqjack says:

    Just learned of a site that tries to hold onto deleted YouTube entries –
    Might be useful…

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