Global Warming Today: No Hurricanes, No Green Products

To kick it off, what about those hurricanes caused by global warming? (via Moonbattery)

Global warming isn’t to blame for the recent jump in hurricanes in the Atlantic, concludes a study by a prominent federal scientist whose position has shifted on the subject.

Not only that, warmer temperatures will actually reduce the number of hurricanes in the Atlantic and those making landfall, research meteorologist Tom Knutson reported in a study released Sunday.

Ouch! No one tell the climahysterics, particularly Gulfstream Liberal Robert Kennedy, Jr (4th story down on the right sidebar, as well as here and here), as their braying is always amusing.

Next up, green products

Go into any store these days and it’s hard to miss all the “green” labels. By one count, manufacturers launched 328 supposedly environmentally friendly products last year, up from just 5 in 2002. CBS News correspondent Priya David looked into how well all those “green” claims really stand up.

Scot Case of Terrachoice Marketing says the race for manufacturers to cash in on that demand has led to what he calls “greenwashing.”

“Greenwashing,” said Case, “is making a false or misleading environmental claim.”

Case surveyed 1,018 product claims and only found one which satisfied his strict standards of having proof and being specific, transparent and relevant.

Personally, I like green products, at least real ones. They are good for the environment, which I like very much. Of course, part of the problem is that products and services that are good for the environment have been subsumed into the who climahysteria movement, rather then being allowed to stand on their own as being good for the real environment.

For instance, I tend to use car cleaners and car wax that is biodegradable and non toxic, products that are not bad for the environment, such as the water, the soil, the grass, the animals.

Companies are typically saying that their products and services are “green” simply to gain favor, which is not a bad business move, obviously. But, so often, they are disingenuous, and so are their products and services.

More: It appears that there was a release today with the names of 31,072 scientists, over 9,000 with PhD’s who say that anthropogenic global warming is BS. Head to Blogs For Victory through Newsbusters. Does this concensus count?

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One Response to “Global Warming Today: No Hurricanes, No Green Products”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach did you omit the bad parts in the report ? The ones about the storms being stronger ? If you had a choice between weaker but more frequent or fewer but more powerful hurricanes which would you choose ?
    But it is nice to see that at least you are n o longer writing about the new coming global cooling.

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