Global Warming Today: Your Kangaroo Harms Your Own Theories

It’s really humorous when an attempt to validate anthropogenic global warming “theory” actually damages said theory

A giant white kangaroo bounced into the science books on Tuesday as part of a global experiment to measure the amount of light the Earth reflects back to the sun.

The cardboard cut-out marsupial, which measures 32 metres (105 feet) by 18 metres, was laid out in a paddock on the grounds of Monash University in the southern city of Melbourne.

“We call it our kangaroo from space because two satellites flew over (and) what they were doing was measuring the amount of light reflected from our kangaroo,” Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich told AFP.

Well, you know, duh! That is the way it works. Light from the Sun, that big ball of nuclear fire that climahysterics say has nothing to do with global warming, streams in, hits the clouds and ground, and some of it reflects back to space. And, since the Sun has higher and lower outputs, sometimes more comes in, sometimes less. Of course, the point they are trying to make is that the light streams in, and then is trapped by the only greenhouse gas they believe in, C02, while mostly ignoring water vapor and methane.

“And the point of that was to make people aware that reflected light, or lack of reflected light, has a very big effect on climate.”

Which tends to prove natural global warming, rather then anthropogenic. Now, one interesting part that the climahysterics avoid discussion of is the urban island effect, which is about man made structures causing higher local temperatures.

Consider blacktop. What does it do? It holds heat. Roads crisscross the world. So, localized temps can be higher then they would be if there was just ground there. But, you do not hear climahysterics calling for the destruction of blacktop, because, how else would they get places in their fuel inefficient vehicles and private jets?

(input my normal discourse regarding what effects Man actually has here. I ain’t typing it all yet again.)

In other amusing global warming news, it now causes an increase in kidney stones. I have my own theory: all the water from those tons of bottled waters (bad for landfills, BTW) is causing people to have to make a sissy more often, causing dehydration (which tends to cause kidney stones) in the kidneys, is the cause of the increase. Now, just like Darwin, I will say, prove me wrong!

Sean Hannity names some of the worst Climahypocrites.

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6 Responses to “Global Warming Today: Your Kangaroo Harms Your Own Theories”

  1. 509th Bob says:

    Psst! Just ignore that big volcanic eruption in Chile earlier this month. It has nothing to do with Global Cooling. I promise.

  2. John Ryan says:

    psst Bob since 1950 the total influence of volcanic and solar actions should have resulted in a net DECREASE in the global temps.
    But surprise !! instead the temp has gone UP gee I wonder how this could have happened if it wasn’t because of unusual volcanic or solar activity ??????
    “Solar variation combined with changes in volcanic activity probably did have a warming effect from pre-industrial times to 1950, but a cooling effect since.[1] ”

    The cult of climate deniers just will not give up

  3. John Ryan says:

    Bob the total net solar and volcanic activity since 1950 should have predicted a net DECREASE in temperature but SURPRISE instead we got gloabl warming !!
    gee what could have caused that ????
    “Solar variation combined with changes in volcanic activity probably did have a warming effect from pre-industrial times to 1950, but a cooling effect since.[1] In 2006, Peter Foukal and other researchers from the United States, Germany, and Switzerland found no net increase of solar brightness over the last thousand years. Solar cycles led to a small increase of 0.07% in brightness over the last thirty years. This effect is too small to contribute significantly to global warming.[47][48”

  4. I’m amazed at how much money was spent on a study that shows white reflects the sun and black absorbs it. Didn’t we learn that in elementary school science class? If you believe in global warming then work on a solution to fix it instead of spending yet even more money trying to prove it exists.

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  5. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    USS Uranus Star Fleet science officer Ryan can’t answer WHY I’m wearing my jacket now on DUTY and that my home HEATER had to be turned on yesterday in these pathetic mid-atlantic blue states of socialism… and Memorial Day is around the corner? Yeah Ryan… it must be W’s fault? Thank’s W for my $TIMULI check that was deposited into our $avings account… Ryan, my sympathy to lune Ted Kennedy… no wonder he thought the way he did.

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