McCain, Obamessiah Up In North Carolina

I’ll be honest, I barely saw any elections news till about 830pm, as I was massively busy in Real Lifeâ„¢. Usually not that busy on Tuesdays, but, daaaaaammmmmn! Went in at 930, left at 815. Good thing I voted prior to work, eh?

Right now, McCain and Obama are up big for their races. Only about 40% of the precints are reporting.

For Governor, Pat McCrory(R) and Bev Perdue(Liberal) are up.

The talking points on Wednesday will be about the HUUUUUUUGGGGE amounts of people that came out to vote for Democrats. Well, yeah. Not much to really get Republicans to come out and vote. McCain is our nominee. If my voting place wasn’t on the way to work, I probably would not have voted today.

What all the lib talking heads need to realize is that big numbers today do not translate to big numbers in November. We saw the same thing in 2004.

You can check the News and Observer for North Carolina results, and tons of stories at Memeorandum. Me, I’m going to sleep. I have every confidence that a win by Hillary in Indiana and by Obama in North Carolina will mean zero in making the United States better, since , both of them want to turn us into a version of the worst of socialist Europe.



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3 Responses to “McCain, Obamessiah Up In North Carolina”

  1. John Ryan says:

    And Ron Paul is still racking up an impressive 7% of the Republican vote.
    And McCain is still saying that global climate change is a BIG problem. Teach agrees with Ron Paul on global warming !!

  2. So? I have no idea what Paul’s ideas on global warming are. Perhaps I do agree. I do not agree with everything McCain says, nor did I with Bush, or Bush 41, or Reagan. I am not against everything that Gore says, or Bill Clinton, or even Carter. I have my opinions. I don’t have someone elses.

    BTW, I campaigned hard to get the Triangle lite rail system killed, which meant writing lots of letters and making lots of calls against what Liz Dole wanted.

  3. John Ryan says:

    now add another point to Ron Paul with 8% of the North Carolina voters choosing him over McCain
    Just what is the true percentage of wack jobs that vote Republican ?

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