Rockefeller Wants To Help Those Poor To Drive More

I’m going somewhere with Jay’s wealth redistribution plan

U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller has proposed legislation that would provide low-income families with a monthly stipend of $100 to $165 to offset soaring gasoline costs.

According to the West Virginia Democrat’s plan, recipients would have to show that they drive 30 miles a day, or 150 miles a week, for work, education or health care. Recipients also would have to fall between 110 percent to 150 percent of the federal poverty level. In West Virginia, that means a family of four could receive the gasoline stipend only if the household income was less than $26,845. For an individual, the cutoff point would be $13,273.

First, if someone or a family makes that little, how do they afford a car?

Second, the Democrats have been whining non-stop about poor people being disenfranchised because they cannot afford an ID, regarding the recent SCOTUS decision. How are these poor people driving a car unless they have a drivers license? If they can afford a car, they can afford an ID to prove who the hell they are when they go to vote.

Oh, BTW, Jay and Sheet’s Byrd want a commemorative Mother’s Day coin. Perhaps they could get their buds in the Democrat run House to pass the resolution supporting the goals and ideals of Mother’s Day first.

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3 Responses to “Rockefeller Wants To Help Those Poor To Drive More”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach if you do not live in a city it is very difficult to live without a car. That being said I might guess that a substantial percentage say 15-20% of that 13,000 dollar income goes for trqansportation. That would be about 200 dollars oer month. Perhaps 1/2 for fuel and 1/2 for insurance reoairs and other costs of ownership. The value of their car would be 1000 dollars or less with the cost of gas maybe they could buy 25 gallons per month, and drive 750 miles in their compact car.
    As for the I.D. well Teach can you givwe a quote as to how many people do not have an i.d. ? My guess is that the number would be rather small, but still not a good reason to deny them the right to vote.
    Much of the cost increase in fuel is simply due to the fact that the dollar has lost 1/2 its value in the last 6 yeasr, in euros gas would be about 2 dollars now.
    Teach maybe now you can see that people who have a family income of 25000 say a wal mart worker have a pretty tough row to hoe and of course walmarts are generally not within walking distance of their employees houses, you do have to drive.

  2. manbearpig says:

    Doesn’t making $25K a year in in WV put them in the top .5% of West Virginians?

  3. John, there is no right to vote in federal elections.

    I think it is the top .1%, MBP 😉

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