Georgia Close To War With Russia

Via Reuters through the Grey Lady

Georgia is “very close” to a war with Russia, a Georgian minister said on Tuesday, citing Moscow’s decision to send extra troops to the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia.

“We literally have to avert war,” Georgian State Minister for Issues of Reintegration Temur Iakobashvili told a news briefing during a trip to Brussels.

Asked how close to such a war the situation was, he replied: “Very close, because we know Russians very well.

“We know what the signals are when you see propaganda waged against Georgia. We see Russian troops entering our territories on the basis of false information,” he said.

Where are the Left to decry Russia’s imperialism. Maybe they are just trying to steal Georgia’s oil. Or, perhaps, once we get out of fantasy land, the actual issues are too complex for a liberal to understand.

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