Crazy Uncle Ron Has Not Dropped Out

Apparently, we have our own Operation Chaos going on, though at a much smaller size then the one between Hillary at Barack NMN Obama. I heard my first Ron Paul radio ad yesterday, and again this morning. Did you know that Crazy Uncle Paul believes that the U.S. has been fighting wars solely on behalf of the United Nations?

Crazy Uncle Paul has spent time in North Carolina and Indiana. And he has more rallies upcoming.

His supporters have attempted all sorts of hijinks. And his supporters are going insane over Paul new book, Mein Kampf, er, The Revolution: A Manifesto.

They sure loved that one. Reminds me how much the Paulians would prefer to see that same scene occur in Iraq.

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2 Responses to “Crazy Uncle Ron Has Not Dropped Out”

  1. John Ryan says:

    18% of the Republicans who chose to vote in that Maine primary voted for Paul.
    However he does seem to be a bit too conservative for most in the Party to approve.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Nixon did promise to end our involvement in Vietnam.
    Now of course the Republicans do seem to at least approve of what Vietnam is selling us, they are the largest exporters of shrimp and catfish to the USA. Southerners do seem to have gotten by that war.

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