When Is A Political Attack Ad OK?

When it is back the Obamessiah, of course.

Obama Strikes Back With Negative Advertisement

That’s right. He “Strikes Back,” which, to me, seems to be a tacit approval of what Barack NMN Obama has done.

As the campaigning for the Indiana and North Carolina primaries comes to a close, the Democratic presidential candidates are letting loose on one another over the TV airwaves.

Just hours after Hillary Rodham Clinton revealed a new advertisement attacking Barack Obama for not supporting a gas tax holiday, the Obama camp is hitting back with a negative spot called “Hometown.”

Mr. Obama’s advertisement accuses Mrs. Clinton of engaging in “the same old negative politics.” It points to a line from an editorial in Mrs. Clinton’s “hometown” paper — The New York Times — that said her campaign was taking “the low road.”

Want to watch it?

Personally, I do not see it as more then a mildly negative attack ad, otherwise known as Lesson 3 in Politics 101. But, as long as it is Mr. Arugula doing it, the Grey Lady is just fine with that.

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