Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

The Demorats and their supporters continue to bloviate on “middle class tax burden” and increasing the tax percentage on those making $200K and more. The rich. When did making $200k become rich? Sure, it is a goodly amount of money, but, it isn’t “rich,” mate.

If they do not like it, why not send a higher percentage of their money then their Federally mandated fair share to the IRS? Why doesn’t Kerry, Edwards, Teresa, Sean Penn, fat Mike Moore, Alec Baldwin, Jane Fonda, Robbins-Sarrandon, Janeane Garofolo, Al Frankin, and so on, send extra money to the IRS? Practice what they preach, maybe?

They know that, if Kerry is elected, and manages to raise the tax rate on those making $200K and more, even with a hostile GOP Congress, that the tax breaks and dodges will allow them to keep just as much money as they did with GWB as Cap’n. Kerry’s blowviation on taxes is a dodge, strictly designed to whip up the lower and middle classes.

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