NC Presidential Update

Daly Thoughts has W up in NC by 8, 51%-43%, Mason Dixon Poll.

Also, in case ya didn’t know, the Charlotte Observer has endorsed Kerry. There’s a shock, eh? They say while there is much to like about President Bush, the newspaper thinks he’s made the wrong choices on too many matters important to the United States.

The editorial says Senator Kerry is “an intelligent man of proven courage and calm judgment.”

The CO has a problem with tax cuts. They even take the Demoratic line: “The president’s tax cuts, combined with increased federal spending, did help the economic recovery. But the Americans benefiting most from the tax cuts over time will be the very wealthiest” (emp mine) Again, the folks at the CO are more then welcome to send extra money of theirs to the IRS. Nothing is stopping them.

The rest about Kerry is, well, interesting. Read it and have a laugh.

The Winston Salem Journal has endorsed anybody but whose running. It is actually a good “endorsement,” sticking more with facts, rather then feelings, taking both the Dem side against W and the GOP side about Kerry.

The Greenville Daily Reflector has endorsed Kerry. Not suprising there, either. They have been pro Kerry for quite some time, in obvious defiance of what friends in Greenville tell me. The endorsement is a littany of DU writing. As for what Kerry would do:

Kerry has proposed making the United Nations a full partner in establishing a government and a Constitution in a rebuilding Iraq. He would renew efforts to attract international support in the form of troops. Those steps would move Iraq toward sovereignty and stability, and serve America’s national security interests.

OFF scandal, France and Germany saying no to any inclusion, kerry ticking off Poland, GB, Australia, and the rest of the coalition of the bribed and coerced, as well as interim PM Allawi. Selective memory by the DR.

Kerry would restore fiscal discipline in Washington by repealing the tax cuts the Bush administration handed to the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans.

Am I reading a demoratic shill?

Two decades in the U.S. Senate have given Kerry, 60, ample grounding to gauge the effectiveness of fiscal and trade policies. Two silver stars, a Bronze Star and three awards of the Purple Heart in Vietnam give him ample grounding on which to assess military actions. And his stances on the important issues of the day — health care reform, energy independence, reproductive rights and the environment— recognize the mainstream America’s expectation that a president govern from the center, not the ideological fringe.

Two decades of poor attendance, missing votes, missing Committee meetings, etc. Y’all know the score. Medal (ribbons)? That was over 30 years ago. He was a Lt(jg). And not for very long. HOW does that give him the ability? His other stuff? Some is too socialized, and how in the hell would he pay for it?

More to come as I find it.

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