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Awesome: We’re All Climate Deniers Now

So says Mary Pipher at Time We Are All Climate Change Deniers Almost all of us minimize or normalize our enormous global problems Would you be shocked that this article is in the psychology section rather than science? I’m not. I’ve learned not to argue too long with people who do not “believe in” human-made […]

If All You See…

…is champagne which will disappear because climate change will Man unable to grow grapes, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Autonomous Mind, with a post on Germany’s rebellion against wind power.

Warmists Posit 15 Feet Of Sea Rise For Every 3.6 Degrees F Rise In Temps

And just to make sure you’re not alarmed enough, here’s the headline Seas may rise 10 yards during centuries ahead I love that word “may”: it’s so utterly scientific, wouldn’t you say? Funny how Warmists will almost never make a hard prediction, like “there’s an 80% chance that sea level will rise 10 yards during […]

Irony: “Moral Monday” Crowd To Rally For Abortion Rights

They’re doing their best to position today’s crazy protest as about being for “women’s rights”, but since the big topic over the last two weeks here in North Carolina has been legislation instituting a few basic, minor common sense solutions regarding abortion, we know what they mean (WRAL) The North Carolina chapter of the NAACP […]

Loathsome NYC Mayor Calls For End To “Shoot First” Laws

Imagine a scenario: you come home and your significant other is being sexually assaulted. The perp starts pulling out a gun. You have your gun. You have to wait for the perp to shoot first. Welcome to Michael Bloomberg’s world (Politico) New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, one of the faces of national gun-control efforts […]

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