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How To Talk To A Liberal About “Climate Change”

In a word Don’t Especially if they are Progressives. They are all rigid, myopic ideologues bound by talking points without critical adult thinking. It’s exceedingly rare that any will ever change their minds, as most are close-minded and interested in political advantage and instituting their far left dogma of big fascistic government (for Other People), […]

Don’t Forget, Warming Really Isn’t About The Surface Temperature

Especially when the surface temperature isn’t cooperating with the Warmist computer models. Here’s super far left Ryan Cooper at super far left Washington Monthly The news around climate sensitivity has driven our contrarian population to new heights of glib smugness, and that’s saying something. Up today is Walter Russell Mead, doing his level best to […]

If All You See…

…is a gorgeous country field that would be perfect for a wind farm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…, with a feel good story.

Most Influential Blog Award

Hey, a good old fashioned meme! It’s been years and years since we had one of these. I loved them. This one’s via Proof at Proof Positive, who got it from Chris Wysocki over at Pretty Fly for a Jersey Guy. There is no voting, no stuffing the ballot box, no campaigning. It’s just a […]

WRAL Declares McCrory Broke Abortion Promise

WRAL also highlights that they are a station of abortion fanatics McCrory signs abortion, gun rights changes into law Gov. Pat McCrory signed 18 bills Monday, including two of the more controversial of the recently ended legislative session – those dealing with gun rights and abortion clinics. Supporters of Senate Bill 353, including the governor, […]

It’s Kinda Hard For The House To Vote On Senate Amnesty Bill When Harry Reid Won’t Send It Over

I wonder why? (Washington Times) The immigration bill passed the Senate more than a month ago but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is refusing to send the bill to the House — just one of the hurdles that has sapped momentum and dimmed the chances for an immigration deal this year. The White House on […]

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