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Is “Climate Change” Really The World’s Biggest Problem?

Alex B. Berezow says “not by a long shot” (Real Clear Science) It’s particularly trendy among politicians and members of the media to be worried about climate change. When President Obama recently spoke before a crowd in Berlin, he said that climate change “is the global threat of our time.” But that’s not true. Just […]

Warmist: “Climate Change” Threatens Our Very Freedom Or Something

Here’s Al Gore’s Climate Reality CEO Maggie Fox providing yet another July 4th rant about fossil fuels. Apparently she wants everyone to stop breathing (via Tom Nelson) Declaring Our Independence from Carbon Pollution Last week, I watched President Obama stand up to the fossil fuel industry and all their friends in Congress and for future […]

If All You See…

…is a world turned into a desert because Someone Else refused to take public transit, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Capitalist Preservation, with a post on getting over this “democratically elected” claptrap.

Hey, Kids, Tell Your Parents To Stop Driving You Around In Fossil Fueled Vehicles

Oh, wait, no, that’s not what Warmist Scott Vrooman wants. Instead, he provides some handy dandy tips on how all the snowflakes can talk to their parents about “climate change” I don’t expect public opinion on climate change will be swayed by columnists and pundits preaching to their choirs. Those who want to ignore the […]

NY Times: What Abortion Needs Is The Face Of Freedom Or Something

I’ll never understand how abortion became one of the sacraments for Liberals, how they push for unfettered abortion access with no regulations. This is the same group which wants more and more restrictions on gun ownership, despite there actually being a Constitutional Amendment in support of gun rights. Back during the debate post Sandy Hook […]

As People Complain About Student Loans, Don’t Forget: Obamacare

Rarely a day goes by without one of the big news sites complaining in some form or fashion about the coming hike in the student loan percentage. It could be an elected politician, a student group, or Obama, or simply the news outlet. Like today in The Politico Congress returns to Washington this week groping […]

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