Is “Climate Change” Really The World’s Biggest Problem?

Alex B. Berezow says “not by a long shot”

(Real Clear Science) It’s particularly trendy among politicians and members of the media to be worried about climate change. When President Obama recently spoke before a crowd in Berlin, he said that climate change “is the global threat of our time.”

But that’s not true. Just a cursory glance around the world reveals that, given the enormous problems facing our planet, it would be surprising if climate change cracked a list of the top 10 immediate concerns.

As I discussed in my book Science Left Behind, the single biggest threat facing humanity is poverty. That’s a mundane topic; it’s neither sexy nor trendy, but it’s nonetheless true.

1.3 billion have absolutely no power. People in poverty have little access to power. Nor proper healthcare. Potable water. Good food. Yet, Warmists want to make sure that these people in poverty see huge sums of money wasted on alternative energy projects that those in poverty still can’t afford.

Basically, what the average person in the Westernized world considers to be a big problem is rarely aligned with reality. Instead, our concerns are more of a reflection of what our culture and the media say our concerns should be.

Worrying about “climate change” is a 1st World problem.

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One Response to “Is “Climate Change” Really The World’s Biggest Problem?”

  1. DL Sly says:

    “Worrying about “climate change” is a 1st World problem waste of energy and an exercise in futility.”

    There, fify.

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