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Bummer: NC Blowing Off “Climate Change”

Democrats are pissed, but, hey, they lost the General Assembly because people were tired of Dem policies, among others (News And Record) After initiating some of the country’s earliest state-sponsored research and response to climate change, the legislature has all but dropped the issue. The state agency that once identified climate change adaptation as a […]

If All You See…

…is horrible CO2 infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Greenie Watch, with a post on Warmists feeling that too many CO2 created lobsters being a bad thing.

Detroit Looks To Use Obamacare To Deal With Its Debt

Another reason to hate Obamacare, as Detroit shifts its debt from itself and all the untenable promises it made onto the bulk of the American taxpayer (NY Times) As Detroit enters the federal bankruptcy process, the city is proposing a controversial plan for paring some of the $5.7 billion it owes in retiree health costs: […]

Natural Gas Is A Gangplank To Boiling The Earth Or Something

Obviously, this means that all production of natural gas, especially when it requires hydraulic fracturing, should be stopped immediately Gangplank to a Warm Future It should be noted that Mankind has done best in warmer climates. Heck, one of the previous cool period was called “The Dark Ages”. MANY concerned about climate change, including President […]

Organizing For Action Declares Obama’s Economic Pivot Over

Not that this pivot, the 19th during his 4 1/2 years in office, really went far in the first place. A couple speeches, a weaselly Weekly Address, an interview with the NY Times, none of which did more than offer the same tired campaign rhetoric of Blamestorming, division, and failed (and even contradictory – he […]

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