Bummer: NC Blowing Off “Climate Change”

Democrats are pissed, but, hey, they lost the General Assembly because people were tired of Dem policies, among others

(News And Record) After initiating some of the country’s earliest state-sponsored research and response to climate change, the legislature has all but dropped the issue. The state agency that once identified climate change adaptation as a key goal says it’s no longer a focus.

Virtually all of the Hotcoldwetdry actions, studies, committees, etc have been axed. The giant 2008 study with almost 50 recommendations (higher taxes, more control of people and businesses, lots of pork and kickbacks to Dem campaign contributors) has been completely ignored. Awesome!

I love this part

“They’ve messed with Jordan Lake rules, said local governments can’t enact anything stricter than federal standards. They eliminated buffer requirements, weakened water standards, repealed clean-energy codes for commercial buildings,” Harrison said. “It runs the gamut. These are wide-reaching public health and environmental rollbacks.”

Wait, I thought Dems didn’t like when states enacted legislation that is stronger than federal? Wasn’t Arizona sued over that very thing?

Anyhow, the Warmists are all concerned about Bad Weather, which had never occurred in North Carolina before.

And, yeah, Dems are still whining about NC losing its “progressive” cred. Elections have consequences.

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One Response to “Bummer: NC Blowing Off “Climate Change””

  1. Corrupted_Gumballs says:

    LOL. Our government enacted a BAN on the sale, possession, use, and transfer of all and any devices that are considered “Chinese Lanterns”.

    Any device that is use to life a loft of lighted fuel that provides heat to create lift.

    Use will be fined $100. Sale or other violations will be $1000 or 90days in jail.

    I’m guessing our state hates Hot Air Balloons.

    And, I’m guessing science classes at schools are now going to be in violation during their “hot air rises” experiments.

    What if your “chinese lantern” is on a pole? Or connected via a string?

    Stupid laws are so stupid.

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