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If All You See…

…are porn stars being kept down by the patriarchy, you’re certainly a liberal and surely a Warmist as well, and are trying to crush my birthday groove The blog of the day is Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, with a post on Facebook removing Conservative sites, including one about the Bill Of Rights (via Doug Ross)

Happy Birthday To Me!

That’s right, I’m (cough*mumble) years old today. Posting will be a little light today as the grog flows. Was going to head to the beach, but, supposed to be mostly cloudy, so we’re heading off to….the NC zoo!

Video: Obama Voters Psyched To Repeal Bill Of Rights

It’s all about helping Obama (The Blaze) Author and activist Mark Dice on Monday released what may very well be the most depressing “man on the street” video for 2013 (possibly beating “College Kids Who Don’t Know U.S. History”). In Dice’s new video, he successfully encourages a group of California beachgoers to sign a petition […]

GOP Moving Away From Path To Citizenship For Illegals

Well, this should drive Democrats nuts (Washington Times) House Republicans are meeting Wednesday to hash out their own strategy on immigration, but already one major difference has emerged between them and their Senate counterparts — they are far less enthusiastic about an eventual path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Even many of the 32 Senate […]

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