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Warmists Claim “Climate Change” May Bring More Hurricanes

Back to this again (Asbury Park Press) The world could see as many as 20 additional hurricanes and tropical storms each year by the end of the century because of climate change, according to a study out Monday. “Could”, huh? So they have no idea, which means this isn’t science. The study was in the […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled pump filling up an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is protein wisdom, with a post on America’s Department of f’ing Justice.

Headlines You Never Want To Read

Not too mention not wanting the details in the story Hamilton man arrested for having sex with pool raft

D.C. Council Targets Wal-Mart With “Living Wage” Bill

Wal-Mart has long been in the crosshairs of Democrats, mostly because Wal-Mart refuses to allow unionization, along with its employees constantly voting against unionization. They let that hatred override the fact that Wal-Mart employees lots and lots of people, many of whom move up within the company. The D.C. council is no exception (Washington Post) […]

NY Times Really Concerned About North Carolina Losing Its “Progressive” Cred

I’m devastated (WRAL) A Wednesday editorial in The New York Times is the latest blow to North Carolina’s reputation as a progressive state. Headlined “The Decline of North Carolina,” the editorial criticizes the “grotesque damage” created by the Republican-led General Assembly. “State government has become a demolition derby, tearing down years of progress in public […]

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