Warmists Claim “Climate Change” May Bring More Hurricanes

Back to this again

(Asbury Park Press) The world could see as many as 20 additional hurricanes and tropical storms each year by the end of the century because of climate change, according to a study out Monday.

“Could”, huh? So they have no idea, which means this isn’t science.

The study was in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), written by climate researcher Kerry Emanuel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

On average, about 90 tropical cyclones form each year around the world, Emanuel says.

Let’s go back to 2005: Warmists were saying that that was the new normal, that there would be lots and lots of tropical systems, and especially hurricanes, due to hotcoldwetdry. Almost immediately Mother Nature thumbed her nose at the Warmists and cut back on the number of tropical systems, especially landfalling ones. So, Warmists stated that there wouldn’t be more systems, but those that did occur would be stronger. That didn’t happen. The last major hurricane to strike the US was in October, 2005. There has also been only one barely-a-hurricane to strike the US since 2008. So, now Warmists are more towards claiming that there will be more in the far future.

And how’d they come to this conclusion?

Emanuel’s study used six newly upgraded global climate computer models to simulate future hurricane activity around the world. His study found that these killer storms will not only increase in intensity during the 21st century, as many previous studies had predicted, but will also increase in frequency in most locations.

Computer models. Sigh.

And notice that these New Climate Deniers are predicting both more systems and stronger systems.

Georgia Tech climatologist Judith Curry, who was not part of the study, warns, “The conclusions from this study rely on a large number of assumptions, many of which only have limited support from theory and observations and hence are associated with substantial uncertainties. Personally, I take studies that project future tropical cyclone activity from climate models with a grain of salt.”

Warmists won’t though: they think computer models are the Holy Grail, rather than actual scientific measurement.

Oh, and then there is this over at Junk Science: “Is MIT warmist Kerry Emanuel hiding his conflict of interest again?” This is specifically about the hurricane study.

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