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We Need To Fight Barnacles Cause, You Know, Global Warming

Has anyone told John Kerry? (Science 2.0) Barnacles are a major problem for both small boats and large ships because they accumulate on the hulls and can reduce the fuel economy of a vessel by up to 40 per cent. That means CO2 emissions rise accordingly. The rest of the article, and the main thrust […]

If All You See…

…is the flag of a horrible evil carbon polluting nation, and you’re going to jump in your air conditioned SUV to go protest, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Raised On Hoecakes, with a post on some big government nanny’s needing a sense of humor.

Man Arrested With Bombs Sounds Kinda Like A Democrat Voter

Remember the other day when a man was arrested on the University of Washington campus? What’s his deal (Boston.com) A judge set bail at $2 million Friday for a Las Vegas man arrested near the University of Washington in a truck that authorities say contained multiple weapons, maps to three Seattle campuses and a recording […]

Fast And Furious Gun Used In Killing Of Mexican Police Chief

During a Republican presidential administration, this would be big news. Heck, it would have been big news from the get-go, with angry opinion pieces and editorials demanding massive Congressional inquiries. At least two American federal agents were killed by the 2,400 guns that were “walked.” At least 200 Mexican civilians, including children, have been killed […]

NY Times: Obama Just Can’t Be Bothered When It Comes To Egypt

One has to read between the lines Egypt Crisis Finds Washington Largely Ambivalent and Aloof In polo shirt, shorts and sandals, President Obama headed to the golf course Friday morning with a couple of old friends, then flew to Camp David for a long weekend. Secretary of State John Kerry was relaxing at his vacation […]

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