NY Times Really Concerned About North Carolina Losing Its “Progressive” Cred

I’m devastated

(WRAL) A Wednesday editorial in The New York Times is the latest blow to North Carolina’s reputation as a progressive state.

Headlined “The Decline of North Carolina,” the editorial criticizes the “grotesque damage” created by the Republican-led General Assembly.

“State government has become a demolition derby, tearing down years of progress in public education, tax policy, racial equality in the courtroom and access to the ballot,” the editorial states.

“North Carolina was once considered a beacon of farsightedness in the South, an exception in a region of poor education, intolerance and tightfistedness. In a few short months, Republicans have begun to dismantle a reputation that took years to build.”

WRAL and the NY Times forget that this is what the People of NC voted for after decades and decades of mostly Democrat Party rule within the General Assembly and the Governor’s mansion. We were tired of the graft, incompetence, extreme politics, waste of public money, poor tax policy, unbalanced budgets, out of control spending, high unemployment, etc, all the things that come with Democrats. If the Times thinks NC is losing its “progressive” street cred, I say that’s a good thing, because we see what a mess other “progressive” states, such as California and NY, are in, along with the progressive mess made by (NMP) Obama and Congressional Democrats.

If the Times and liberals do not like what’s going on, which also includes requiring voter ID and common sense abortion restrictions, well, we have a saying “I-95 and I-85 run north and south. I-40 heads west. Y’all take care now, y’hear”.

Meanwhile, the NC House plans to vote on an updated abortion on demand bill today, which was softened slightly due to complaints by Gov. McCrory. The big change was in having the NC HHS to write rules for abortion clinics, similar to ambulatory surgery centers, but not requiring abortion centers to actually have the full ambulatory surgery centers regulations. Which upsets liberals, because they don’t think money should have to be spent upgrading abortion centers to make sure women are protected (hey, remember Kermit Gossnell?), they’d rather just spend the money on abortions in dirty clinics. That’s the only way I can read it.

The Huffington Post, along with many abortion supporters, are very upset that the abortion bill was folded into a motorcycle bill, because that never happens in government or something. Also, that there is no public comment. The bill has been around for months. What this whole affair, along with what’s gone on in Texas, shows that Democrats are unwilling to allow even the most minor of restrictions on abortion.

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4 Responses to “NY Times Really Concerned About North Carolina Losing Its “Progressive” Cred”

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  2. john says:

    Teach you seem to have left out some important issues in NC politics. NC initially voted Democratic becaus ethe Republicans had freed the slaves. And Then they switched back to the Republicans when the Dems passed the the Civil Rights Act which finally helped blacks to be able to actually vote in the South. NC will keep heading towards being a blue state. AS for corruption……. what’s going on down there with that Govenor?

  3. Hooray! John finally (and unintentionally) admits that Dems are the party of slavery

  4. gitarcarver says:

    The Dems passed the Voting Rights Act?

    What alternate universe did this take place in? Certainly not the one the rest of us inhabit.

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