Warmist: “Climate Change” Threatens Our Very Freedom Or Something

Here’s Al Gore’s Climate Reality CEO Maggie Fox providing yet another July 4th rant about fossil fuels. Apparently she wants everyone to stop breathing (via Tom Nelson)

Declaring Our Independence from Carbon Pollution

Last week, I watched President Obama stand up to the fossil fuel industry and all their friends in Congress and for future generations as he outlined his national Climate Action Plan. The speech was clear sighted on both the core problem of carbon pollution and the fact we’re already paying for it in spades. It was bold in following through on a promise to take action if Congress failed. Most important, though, this was the first time in a generation when a U.S. president officially broke the silence on climate change with a real plan.

Perhaps Ms. Fox should tell Obama, and Gore, to stop taking fossil fueled trips around the world.

To put it another way, it’s up to us. If we want to solve climate change, we have to stand up and get involved. We have to talk with our friends, families and networks, and help them understand the truth of the crisis, how it affects them and what we can do to solve it. Then, together we have to make our leaders listen.

Strange. There’s nothing in there about “hey, us Warmists need to practice what we preach”.

As a nation, we’ve always risen to the challenge, and today, this looks to be one of the greatest of them all. Our freedom to make the life we want really is at stake here, threatened by seas that would swallow towns and extreme weather that’s hitting us harder, more often, and with higher costs than ever before.

Idiocy and scaremongering based on lies and and absence of science. But, you know, our entire freedom is at stake despite a statistically insignificant rise in temperature over the last 15+ years even as CO2 levels have risen.

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