Warmists Posit 15 Feet Of Sea Rise For Every 3.6 Degrees F Rise In Temps

And just to make sure you’re not alarmed enough, here’s the headline

Seas may rise 10 yards during centuries ahead

I love that word “may”: it’s so utterly scientific, wouldn’t you say? Funny how Warmists will almost never make a hard prediction, like “there’s an 80% chance that sea level will rise 10 yards during the next 150 years” or something. They try and avoid this because when they make hard predictions they tend to be proven wrong. Hence why they even hedge their bets 50-100 years out.

Sea-level rise is currently measured in millimeters per year, but longer-term effects of global warming are going to force our descendants to measure sea-level rise in meters or yards.

Each Celsius degree of global warming is expected to raise sea levels during the centuries ahead by 2.3 meters, or 2.5 yards, according to a study published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

They get the 10 yards scarathon by multiplying 4 degrees C (double what the Warmists want to limit global temps from rising…like they can control the natural forces of the Earth and Sun) by 2.5, which gets you 10 yards, or 30 feet. Now, this is surely a far cry from the hundreds of feet that some predict, and more than others (Al Gore’s movie predicted 20 feet). And less than the stupidity the Weather Channel is pushing, based an artists drawings showing up to 25 feet on the West Coast.

But it’s not science, it’s prognostication. It has no basis in history, even for a very warm period. The average sea rise over the last 7,000 years is around 6-8 inches per century. The 2oth Century was around 8 inches. Entirely average. One would expect it too be much higher during a warm period (see this post for a bit more in-depth discussion). This occurred during a rise of around 1.4F since 1850. Do we really believe that a 3.6F rise (2C) would create 15 feet of sea rise?

And if this is so bad, why do Warmists refuse to change their own behavior?

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5 Responses to “Warmists Posit 15 Feet Of Sea Rise For Every 3.6 Degrees F Rise In Temps”

  1. Burned_Out_Gumballs says:

    SHEEESH… can no one on the left use reason and sense to look at history and see for themselves that this is nothing but hysteria and lunacy!!

    How can you claim recent mm increases in sea depth, will equal 7 FEET of rise years from now?!?!?

    And if it is? SO what?

    This is where 21st and 23rd century technology comes in to play. You want floating buildings? Better use technology.

    Either that, or live in caves and eat your tofu off of sun-bleached rocks.

  2. At this point Warmists are throwing tantrums and coming up with scary stories out of habit.

  3. Burned_Out_Gumballs says:

    I am half expecting the next stories to claim that global warming, since it causes the earth’s atmosphere to expand, that the moon will then be pulled down in to Earth thus destroying all life on the planet in a couple of centuries. Perhaps.

    But why WAIT till the danger is here. We must act now to stop the moon from attacking.

  4. Wait, you didn’t know that climate change is causing the moon to move away from the earth at a rate of 1.5 inches a year, and this coincided with the advent of the first fossil fueled vehicle?

  5. Burned_Out_Gumballs says:


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