Irony: “Moral Monday” Crowd To Rally For Abortion Rights

They’re doing their best to position today’s crazy protest as about being for “women’s rights”, but since the big topic over the last two weeks here in North Carolina has been legislation instituting a few basic, minor common sense solutions regarding abortion, we know what they mean

(WRAL) The North Carolina chapter of the NAACP says Monday’s protest at the state legislative building will focus on the rights and leadership of women.

It will mark the 11th gathering of people speaking out against policies advanced by the Republican majority of the General Assembly. The events have drawn thousands from across the state and have made headlines across the country, most recently in the New York Times.

“These attacks on women’s health are dangerous and are deeply unpopular, and that is why we are here,” said Melissa Reed, of Planned Parenthood.

Gee, if a Planned Parenthood representative is yammering on about “women’s health”, and the conversation has been about abortion as of late, does anyone else find it ironic to include it on “Moral Monday”?

A news conference will be held at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church at 4 p.m. A mass “Moral Monday” rally is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Halifax Mall in downtown Raleigh.

And more irony…or would that be hypocrisy?….to push abortion “rights” at a church.

Meanwhile, the City of Raleigh is not happy about having had to spend $69,000 on policing and arresting the unhinged protesters. The Wake County Sheriff’s department is likewise unhappy about spending over $40,000 so far for these nuts.

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2 Responses to “Irony: “Moral Monday” Crowd To Rally For Abortion Rights”

  1. Burned_Out_Gumballs says:

    Wait, a protest to push for more freedoms for women to murder babies is being held at a Baptist Church?

    Something tells me that they are only that in name only. Much like Reid and Pelosi call themselves Catholic.

    Else, this is a very black stain on the moral ground of the foundational religions.

    Why are we being pushed for fairness when they are wanting a free pass to murder when males are not allowed the same freedom?

    Why are these big-government people pushing for limited government intrusion in to their lives, but demand more intrusion upon men’s?

    If you care more for convicted murderers than you do your own baby, then you have no say in that baby’s chance for existence. And if you don’t want a baby, then either don’t have sex, wear protection, or choose an abortion as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

    Why should it take over 5 months to decide if you want to murder a baby or not?

  2. You’re trying to inject reason and sanity into the motives of Liberals. Just doesn’t work.

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