Obviously, Peter King’s Islamist Hearings Are Like McCarthyism

The Left is pulling out all the stops in order to make sure that the role of “extremist Islam” in America is ignored, and that the hearings are marginalized, if not prematurely ended. They’d be much more comfortable if King was investigating what America did wrong, or Christianity or Judaism. Remember, if a Christian or a Jew  (or a Tea Party attendee) do something wrong, the whole is indicted, even though the act was not done in the name of the whole. If an Islamist does something heinous, then America did something wrong, and it had nothing to do with religious teachings. There have been many, many delusional writings from liberals about the hearings, and The Politico’s Laura Murphy is apparently today’s designated hitter

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) is due to hold a hearing Thursday about the “radicalization” of U.S. Muslims and whether they are sufficiently cooperative with U.S. anti-terrorism efforts.

This may be the first of a series on this subject. But holding a hearing based on a flawed radicalization theory that conflates religious practices with preparation for terrorism and focuses exclusively on Muslim-Americans is misguided, discriminatory and counterproductive.

Because it is obviously wrong to understand what is going on with extremist Islam, and how they convert Americans to become extremists.

King’s hearings in essence question the Muslim community’s loyalty to the United States. This calls to mind the McCarthy hearings — an unfortunate, and widely condemned, exercise in guilt by association.

Now, if just one Tea Partier holds a sign that equates Obama with Hitler, that means, in Liberal World, that the entire Tea Party is hateful and raaaaacist, and it is A-OK to engage in that exercise in guilt by association. If a doctor goes on a killing rampage in the name of Allah, a doctor who had shown extremist Islamic tendencies for years and told people with war trauma to read the Koran, well, he’s just misguided and it’s isolated, has nothing to do with the radicalization of Muslims across the United States and the world.

And then we get the McCarthy reference. I know Liberals hate hearing this, but, McCarthy was a Senator, and the hearings were held in the House. Oh, and that McCarthy was actually proven right. There were actually Americans with Communist ties and leanings, many working for the government!

The message behind the King hearings also undermines basic First Amendment freedoms. It is unlikely to keep us safe and may well be regretted as a dark moment in our nation’s history.

Because we all know that the First Amendment protects Americans when they shout Allahu Ackbar and go on a killing spree to protest some grievance.

These hearings stand for the proposition that all Muslims are a threat because of the actions of a few. That is wrong. When a tax protester flies a plane into an Internal Revenue Service building, our government does not then cast an investigatory blanket over all who oppose taxes. When a few religious anti-abortion advocates bomb a women’s health clinic, the FBI does not, and should not, hold hearings about why churches are not more cooperative with law enforcement.

Our government might not, but, Liberals sure did, in blaming Conservatives. All sorts of editorials and stories were written in the media, blaming Conservatives and the Tea Party as a whole. Then we found out he was a Lefty.

Anyhow, when someone bombs an abortion clinic, we know why they are doing it, and the Christian church, while opposed to abortion, is also opposed to fire-bombings, and doesn’t condone the actions. Quite a few Muslim mosques and leaders do support jihad, sharia law, and killing the unbeliever, and attempt to convert people into that mode.

Time and again, law enforcement has been successful in preventing terrorist plots over the past few years by using facts and evidence. It does not aid counterterrorism efforts to stigmatize an entire community as “suspect.” It may only undermine the crucial bonds between communities and the government.

Quite frankly, if the Muslim community doesn’t want to be “stigmatized”, then maybe, instead of protesting the hearings, they should be out in the streets and protesting the “hijacking” of their supposedly peaceful religion by killers. They could speak out and say “not in our name.” Yet, they don’t. Surely, most Muslims are peaceful themselves. But, are they radicalized? How does one go from just a Muslim to ending up in Afghanistan fighting for Al Qaeda, or a killing spree here in the United States?

Liberals do not want to know. They decided shortly after 9/11 that America was at fault (remember, Obama wanted to reflect on what America did wrong, as well), and that the religion of Islam was not to blame, just a few bad characters. There is something to say about looking for the best in people, like, say, that not all illegal immigrants are killers, rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers, and gang members. But, like with illegals, there are bad people stuck in with the good, and we should root them out and find out the causes before we have another Ft. Hood on our hands, rather than stick our heads in our, well, you know, and sing Kumbaya.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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6 Responses to “Obviously, Peter King’s Islamist Hearings Are Like McCarthyism”

  1. Doomed says:

    This comment is directed at the politically correct Communist progressives who are trying to undermine the United States by so weakening it that it will have no recourse but to be assimilated by cultures.

    Rather then being a gathering place OF CULTURES…the USA is headed for Assimilation by a culture of debasement.

    Atheism. Godlessness. Sharia law. Homosexuality. Drugs. Booze. Fornication. Lawlessness. A generation of ME>ME>ME being used in their debauchery by a generation of politically savvy and basically evil people who would use this undermining of the core strength that once made America strong.

    Her ability to seek the high ground morally. Now America is self absorbed and self indulgent and a nation of little children not caring what tomorrow brings as long as it brings ME SOMETHING.

    The libertarian movement in the GOP will destroy the party and this nation for the Libertarians are all about ME>ME>ME….while the progressive left is all about turning America to socialist/communist nirvana using any and all means.

    Two flawed groups, diametrically opposed to each other dragging the country kicking and screaming into failure and collapse.

    Somewhere in the middle lies the truth and the hope but I fear it is lost forever.

  2. Adobe Walls says:

    You can’t have Islamic Extremism without Islam.

  3. Rob in Katy says:

    Never forget: McCarthy was 100% right. Commies were and are everywhere. Release Russian docs have shown that the Rosenburgs were commies, HollyWood was infested with Commies and there were quite a few in Congress – some of them now admitting it!

  4. david7134 says:

    You don’t have to have any knowledge of Islam to see that they are teaching something that causes extreme, random violence. Terrorism has become synonymous with Islam. We need to determine if this is a religion or an organization that is like the KKK. As far as I am concerned, it needs to be abolished.

  5. Trish says:

    Allah be praised; all of these comments are brilliant!
    All kidding aside any other so called “hate groups” have yet to cause the death of Americans. The “chart” that MSNBC Moron showed as proof of other hate groups listed the KKK, Nazi Skinheads (along with the one he dare not say- The Muslim Brotherhood) etc, but nowhere on that list did it mention the fact that Radical Islam alone, has been responsible for 99% of all attacks on Americans, and innocent citizens around the world.

    So, for starters, this hearing may wake a few zombies from their sleep, I hope.

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