Wacky Sheila Jackson Lee: Repealing ObamaCare Violates The Constitution

It’s so simple: including a mandate that requires someone to buy health insurance based on a Constitutional clause giving Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce, which means someone had actually purchased something, but, they haven’t purchased it yet, but, you will purchase it because the government says you have to purchase it, so, because you will be required to purchase it it comes under the Commerce Clause….confused by government time machine logic yet? Anyhow, here’s Almond Joy Sheila Jackson Lee, courtesy of Philip Klein at the American Spectator

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat from Texas, said on Tuesday afternoon that repealing the national health care law would violate the Constitution.

Arguing that the Commerce Clause provides the constitutional basis for ObamaCare, Jackson Lee said repealing the law by passing Republicans’ H.R. 2 violates both the Fifth Amendment’s right to due process and the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause.

“The Fifth Amendment speaks specifically to denying someone their life and liberty without due process,” she said in a speech on the House floor moments ago. “That is what H.R. 2 does and I rise in opposition to it. And I rise in opposition because it is important that we preserve lives and we recognize that 40 million-plus are uninsured.

She continued, “Can you tell me what’s more unconstitutional than taking away from the people of America their Fifth Amendment rights, their Fourteenth Amendment rights, and the right to equal protection under the law?”

Can you tell me what’s more unconstitutional than requiring a citizen to purchase health insurance simply for living? How about the federal government’s failure to secure the border?  That’s actually in the Constitution (Article I, Section 8).

Good thing she understands the Constitution, since the 5th is about criminal prosecution, except for a tiny last bit (land seizure). As to the rest, she’s just making it up as she goes along, in an attempt to say that repealing ObamaCare, legislation that is overwhelmingly unpopular, would make the Founders roll in their graves.

Meanwhile, 200 economists have written a letter saying that it should be repealed, as it would have disastrous effects on the economy.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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8 Responses to “Wacky Sheila Jackson Lee: Repealing ObamaCare Violates The Constitution”

  1. mojo says:

    She left out “make Baby Jesus cry”. Probably an oversight. She’ll mention the kid later.

  2. Adobe Walls says:

    I believe she is a “Manic Progressive” suffering from a little known and unfortunately incurable mental disorder. One of the most common symptoms is quoting authoritative documents or principles that the patient is incapable of comprehending.

  3. John Ryan says:

    The American people now poll much higher on Obama Care than when they believed that the death panels were going to pull the plug on granny. and 25% who poll against say that they were against it because it did not go far enough i.e. the public option.

    • Adobe Walls says:

      RCP’s average of polls still has opposed at plus 8.5.
      “25% who poll against say that they WERE against say that they were against it because it did not go far enough i.e. the public option.” I assume that 25% are not in favor of repeal because even Manic Progressives aren’t deluded enough believe that the public option gets passed through the current congress if ever. Any road, at RCP the two polls citing likely voters have them opposed to Health Control by plus 15 (Rasmussen) and 16 (Democracy Corps). Assoc. Press/GfK polled 1001 Americans who responded 40% in favor and 41% opposed to Health Control. That leaves 19% with no opinion, really?
      Obviously likely voters opinions are more relevant than those who may not vote. This is why most pollsters use LVs when elections draw near and accuracy becomes more critical. I am always suspicious of polls that contain 19% of Americans who don’t care/don’t know/ what do you mean I don’t get paid to answer questions?

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  5. captainfish says:

    She also hyped up the case of one lady on MEDICARE, saying that if the ObamaCare is repealed, she will die. Despite the fact that the woman would have had Medicare before Obamacare, and after the repeal. In fact, she would have had MORE medicare before ObamaCare was forced upon us. ObamaCare cut Medicare and the payments to doctors.

    She even stated that MILLIONS of Americans would DIE.. DIE!!! if ObamaCare was repealed. This despite the fact that hardly anything in ObamaCAre has been enacted yet. Her point hitched around the fact adults as old as 26 can still be on their parent’s expense and that kids with pre-existing can’t be denied.

    But, repealing ObamaCAre would kill all those kids and 26 year olds.

  6. Trish says:

    Sheila Lee Who? Besides those in her district, who cares about her?
    I wish these folks would at least be honest. She said “she hopes to work with the R’s to make the bill better.” Yes? Well why the H didn’t she say that, force that point of view, when they were sneaking behind closed doors most of 2009 and part of 2010 to amass this horrible albatross of a bill in the first place???????
    If it weren’t for the 2010 elecitons not one of these hypocrites would be willing to admit the horrors inside this bill. But now they suddenly are. Perhaps some of them have finally read it.

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