TSA Protest Fail – Dude With Belly Strips Down To Speedo

On the flip side, maybe if more guys did this, the TSA would say “enough! We can’t take it anymore! We’ll go back to the old rules!”

SALT LAKE CITY — Utahns take to the skies on this busy travel day before the Thanksgiving holiday. So far, things are going smoothly at Salt Lake International Airport.

One man outside the terminal was wearing a Speedo, a hat and a scarf. He shouted a few things in his megaphone, apparently somewhat upset over the tighter TSA security measures.

Picture at the link. If you can take it.

BTW, regarding that insidious and disingenuous The Nation piece, when Glenn Greenwald, Firedoglake, Lawyers, Guns & Money, Firedoglake (again), and other Progressives are calling The Nation out (not too mention many on the left who are calling out other left leaning media outlets, such as this post at Shakesville), perhaps the the liberal elitist media has gone way, way over the line, and is about as clueless as Obama, Napalitano, and others in the administration over this TSA groping matter.

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