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Muslim Attacked In NYC, Must Be You Anti-Mosque…..Wait, What?

So, one of the big stories going on at Memeorandum, and in liberal blogosphere circles, is the attack of a Muslim cab driver A city cab driver is in the hospital after being stabbed by a passenger who allegedly asked if he was Muslim, police tell NY1. Investigators with the New York City Police Department […]

AGW Today: Are Conservatives Waking Up To Climate Creationism?

Heh heh. Reuters reprints an article by Ecopolitology at Ecopolitology,, really quite amusing Conservatives who acknowledge global warming is a critical issue of our time are calling out their colleagues to wake up to the issue, and some of them seem to be listening. Is global warming denial finally on its way out? Most Conservatives […]

Intel CEO: Obama And Democrats Are Stuck In A Do Loop

As the market continues to stumble, sales of existing homes hit a 15 year low, and even Burger King is now seeing weak demand, Biden is out defending the Democrats foolish economic plans, while his boss takes yet another vacation. Yet, in the real world, other, smarter, people, who have actually held real jobs, know […]

Michael Steele Brings The GOP Illegal Alien Policy Fail

In an attempt to patronize and curry favor with Hispanic voters, Michael Steele is working hard to tick off Republicans Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is putting some political distance between the national Republican Party and Arizona Republicans who enacted a tough immigration-enforcement law earlier this year. “Let’s be clear. The actions of one […]

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