AGW Today: Are Conservatives Waking Up To Climate Creationism?

Heh heh. Reuters reprints an article by Ecopolitology at Ecopolitology,, really quite amusing

Conservatives who acknowledge global warming is a critical issue of our time are calling out their colleagues to wake up to the issue, and some of them seem to be listening. Is global warming denial finally on its way out?

Most Conservatives do not deny that there has been a warming event, starting in the mid 1850’s. What we dispute is that Mankind is mostly or solely responsible for it. For myself, I have stated numerous times that Mankind does play a small part, mostly through agriculture, landfills, and the Urban Island Effect.

To start with, we’ve had a conservative columnist and a leading conservative economist (former advisor to George H.W. Bush), in the past month or so, telling their colleagues that it’s time to wake up to global warming and our need for action (see: “Bad science: Global-warming deniers are a liability to the conservative cause” and “The power of cap-and-trade”).

Who is this mystery man? Obviously, he is not so important that he needs to be named. So, I searched for the articles at Ecopolitology, and, much to my surprise, neither exists. If anyone knows who this man is, please, let us know.

Then we have the science editor of the Daily Mail, Michael Hanlon. OK. Never heard of him. And,

….on the other side of the Atlantic, a little over a week ago, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers made a breakthrough statement on one key issue of global warming, finally admitting that global warming IS caused (at least partly) by humans. Covering this story in more depth, Brad Johnson of The Wonk Room wrote: “One of America’s most influential global warming skeptics, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers, has finally admitted that global warming is “caused by man.'”

Him I’ve heard of, but, “most influential”? Seriously? To start with, Myers is on CNN, which means perhaps 5 conservatives a day might see him. Second…..well, there is no second, he’s on CNN. Besides, I thought we weren’t supposed to listen to people who aren’t climatologists.

Then we have “oil-funded Pat Michaels.” So, the author asks, are the dominoes falling? I’d have to give a resounding “No!” Four supposed conservatives, mostly unknowns, changing their positions, is not “waking up.” In fact, more and more people are waking up to anthropogenic global warming being a BS issue, based more on the accumulation of power, prestige, and money, not too mention giving government a means to control people.

You want to impress me and get me to consider changing my mind? Then get people like Marc Morano, Lord Monkton, Roy Spencer, Jo Nova, Andrew Bolt, John Christy and Anthony Watts, among others, to change their position. And how about these 10 skeptics? And these 31,000+ American scientists?

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3 Responses to “AGW Today: Are Conservatives Waking Up To Climate Creationism?”

  1. Otter says:

    He’s on CNN? If they are saying he is conservative, then I can only guess it is due to proximity- he’s to the right of the people he is sitting next to.

    Joe Bastardi is still the Best weather forecaster out there. He nailed the snowstorm in England 5 months in advance. Meanwhile the UK Met were predicting a warm and mild winter, thanks to AGW models….

  2. John Ryan says:

    And what percent of the Earth’s surface is England ? Teach if in fact you do believe that the Earth is warming #1 what is causing it #2 why all the posts about snow in Abu Dhabi and cold in CA ? an# #3 does that mean that you no longer believe that global cooling is right around the corner ?

  3. Otter says:

    Speeky Eenglish, ‘lil LIAR! You makey no sensey.

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