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25 Worst Figures In American History

Happy Friday evening, folks!  If you haven’t seen it yet, Right Wing News has this years “Conservative Bloggers Select the 25 Worst Figures In American History.” And, yes, I was one of those surveyed. Now, I usually do not announce my submissions in the RWN polls, but, I thought it would be interesting to list […]

Who Wants 100k To Get Naked In Front Of Obama?

Come on, libs, step up, >a href=”http://m.cnbc.com/id/38670867/”>you know you would love to do this Billionaire Alki David, who is worth 1.2 billion pounds ($1.9 billion) and comes in at number 45 of the Sunday Times’ rich list in the UK, is offering cash for daredevils to upload stunts onto a Web site called Battlecam to […]

Friday Awesome: Google Earth Pwnd By “Dead” Girl

How ’bout something a little more humorous for a Friday morning, as opposed to hard edged politics? Besides, we all all know that Obama will take a vacation, Joe Biden will say something incredibly inane, Harry Reid will find a way to lower his approval rating, and liberals will take sides with Islamists. Whoops! Anyhow […]

Having Solved All Their Problems, San Fran Offers Legislation Restricting Happy Meals

On top of San Francisco considering banning pet sales, you just knew something like this had to happen A serious move is afoot to force fast-food giants to make kids meals more nutritionally viable if they want to sell them with kid-luring toys. In San Francisco, newly proposed legislation would ban toys from most kids […]

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