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Coolest Pictures You Will See All Month

National Geographic brings the mega-awesome. Click the photo

Making It Up: A GOP Takeover Of Congress Would Apparently Be Bad For Economy

Just when you thought you saw it all, now comes this bit of idiocy Conventional wisdom is that markets like political gridlock, and so in theory investors should be cheering what seems increasingly likely to be a big GOP win in November. And by all accounts, the GOP will win at least in the House, […]

Climate Creationists Now Worried About Mussels

Interesting that people who worship at the alter of Darwin (admittedly, they do have many, many alters) see the Earth as completely unchanging, as something that must remain static for all time U.S. East Coast habitats of mussels, a popular seafood, are shrinking because of higher air and water temperatures from climate change, researchers say. […]

Latest Mosque Supporter TP: No One’s Complaining About The XXX Stores!

They little dhimmi liberals are digging deep to find some rationale for their support of the proposed mosque just a 600 yards from ground zero, in an area that was actually peppered with debris. Latest unhinged and clueless talking point, which, surprisingly, CBS News actually shoots down quickly Some victims’ families say the Islamic center […]

Proving That Those Recovery Signs Are Just Another Obama Propaganda Piece

CNS News does the work that the Old Media refuses to do Federal contractors receiving money for projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)—the $862 billion economic stimulus law President Barack Obama signed in February 2009—have been encouraged and, in some cases, required by the administration to post signs that say their work […]

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