Climate Creationists Now Worried About Mussels

Interesting that people who worship at the alter of Darwin (admittedly, they do have many, many alters) see the Earth as completely unchanging, as something that must remain static for all time

U.S. East Coast habitats of mussels, a popular seafood, are shrinking because of higher air and water temperatures from climate change, researchers say.

Blue mussels used to inhabit the East Coast as far south as Cape Hatteras, N.C., but now exist only as far south as Lewes, Del., an article in the Journal of Biogeography says.

“If temperatures continue to increase, we can expect range changes of species like blue mussels to continue, and the health of our oceans is at risk.”

Because the temperatures for the Earth have never, ever, in its long history, gone up or down. Apparently, they want the average temperature to be 59 degrees F (15C) forever. Which would be nice in Fantasy Land, or a science fiction book.

Besides, since AGW is supposed to raise the sea level, wouldn’t that mean more space for the mussels?

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6 Responses to “Climate Creationists Now Worried About Mussels”

  1. John Ryan says:

    The effect of climate change 3 billion years ago actually has little impact on me personally. However, the climate change that is occurring now, and it looks like even you are about ready to admit that it is getting warmer here, does impact me. We are not only losing mussels nut lobster as well. Fish that used to be able to live inshore now must move offshore to remain in cool water. Barnegat Bay shellfish harvests are way down.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Barnegat Bay shellfish harvests are way down.

    And of course that has nothing to do with over harvesting, does it?

    The effect of climate change 3 billion years ago actually has little impact on me personally.

    Really? If the climate had not occurred the way it did, we – as in homo sapians – may not be here.

    By the way, have you figured out that 5 miles is not the same as 600 feet yet? Or are you still spouting your ignorance in that arena as well?

  3. Otter says:

    Recent finding along the east coast have shown that various populations have declined, re-appeared, declined again, depending on the shift in climate over the centuries. It is as always an on-going process.

    And I see ‘lil LIAR is slowly getting down to the right numbers about how long the climate of this planet has existed in a form which can support life. He now only needs to shave another 2 billion years off his exaggeration.

  4. Thomas W. Hoffa says:

    How ’bout feeding the greenies zebra mussels,
    They’re an invasive species and I can’t think
    of a better way to get rid of them. They would be getting their belly’s full and cleaning up the environment at the same time.

  5. Kevin says:

    I wish someone would say something like, “A two degree rise in temperature could mean the end of mosquitoes and ticks.”

    Why are they always doom and gloom? Is warm weather ALWAYS bad in their world?

  6. You know, I grew up on the Jersey Shore, in Brielle. Folks from down that way are called “clam-diggers.” Interestingly, for most of my time growing up there, no one was allowed to go clamming in most of the water ways, particularly the Manasquan River. Why? Not “climate change.” Pollution. Now they are coming back.

    One year the lobster catch (yes, they catch lobsters off NJ) was horrible, because Mother Nature started the summer off with a really powerful Nor’easter, and dug up the lobster beds. Good surfing waves, though.

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