Daily Archives: August 6, 2010

Shockingly, Climate Alarmists Aren’t Strikingly Brilliant

This kinda jibes right in with the Youtube videos I was just watching, after seeing a program on either National Geographic or History about lightning last night. Perhaps this gent should have seen it, too Brandan Baker was calm and collected, if not a bit angry, as he described his fateful hike to the top […]

Ssssssh! Obama Quietly Rolls Out Program Similar To Arizona’s SB1070 In Boston

Be vewy vewy qwiet. I’m hunting iwwegals The Arizona law aimed at removing illegal immigrants has attracted attention and pitted the federal government against the state of Arizona. But the Obama administration is quickly and quietly rolling out a program, started in Boston, that relies on the help of local police departments and is raising […]

Texas Sends Snarkygram To EPA Over EPA Globull Warming Demands

Have y’all seen this one yet? Texas is not amused by EPA demands It’s no secret the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality are at odds with each other right now. But the language in a letter from Attorney General Greg Abbott and TCEQ head Bryan Shaw complaining about EPA’s efforts […]

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