Shockingly, Climate Alarmists Aren’t Strikingly Brilliant

This kinda jibes right in with the Youtube videos I was just watching, after seeing a program on either National Geographic or History about lightning last night. Perhaps this gent should have seen it, too

Brandan Baker was calm and collected, if not a bit angry, as he described his fateful hike to the top of Long’s Peak on Tuesday that landed him in the hospital – the survivor of a lightning strike to the head.

“I’m feeling fine. My hands are a little bit numb. My feet are a little bit numb. Otherwise, I’m okay,” Baker, 31, told reporters at St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver, where he was airlifted after being rescued from the 14,000-foot peak.

Baker, a student at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, was visiting Rocky Mountain National Park with a group of students as part of a field study on climate change. He ignored the advice of his instructor and attempted to summit Long’s Peak, alone.

Now, really, I do wish him the best, as getting stuck by lightning can cause all sorts of health issues. But, advice to everyone: if thunderstorms are around, take cover

This one is pretty incredible, 7,200 frames per second

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5 Responses to “Shockingly, Climate Alarmists Aren’t Strikingly Brilliant”

  1. Otter says:

    I’ve hiked in those mountains. As as matter of fact, in 1998, supposedly the hottest year we’ve had (except that it was actually 1934 for the record in Natural Climate Change history). Snow at the tops of the mountains was ten yards deep in places.

    I can tell you one thing: alone? The kid is a Fool. The air alone is very thin up there.

  2. John Ryan says:

    I did not see any mention of his belief/disbelief in AGW. As far as the warmest years go Otter I prefer and rely on what NOAA lists as the hottest year on record. Oh they also say that within the USA this looks like it will be the record buster. When can we haz some global cooling pl? And Otter please cite your “records”

  3. Otter says:

    I can’t see my records from here, johnnie. We packed them away when we began prepping to move. I have some 8-tracks nearby though!

    So, this is going to be the hottest year in 130 years, yes?

    Tell me, how much colder was it the 130 years prior to that date?

  4. John Ryan says:

    how much colder was it 130 years ago ? weel my little furry friend that depends on what you compare it to, 4 billion years ago ? Well it certainly WAS a lot hotter back then so hoy that the rocks were all molten.So yeah I guess we are having global cooling compared to that but I am not sure that is what we should be comparing our present climate to. Now skeptics have been telling us for quite some time that global cooling is just around the corner, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  5. Otter says:

    You missed by 4 billion years. I am talking about 260 years ago, ‘lil lIAR. Can’t answer that, can you? ‘Cause then you’d have to explain how temperatures rose so much BEFORE they rose as little as they have in the past 130.

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