Daily Archives: August 11, 2010

DHS Catch And Release Includes Illegals From Terrorist Nations

It’s not like Islamic terrorists, some of them in the country illegally, have attempted attacks withing the USA, with some succeeding In the three fiscal years from 2007-2009, the Department of Homeland Security caught and released 481 illegal aliens from state sponsors of terrorism and “countries of interest” who are now fugitives, according to an […]

Iphone Users Have More Sex!

Is there nothing that the iPhone can’t do? iPhone users struggle to place or receive calls on their smartphones — except, apparently, when said calls are of the ‘booty’ variety. According to a recent survey from OKCupid, iPhone owners, on average, have more sex partners than either Android or BlackBerry owners. In a survey of […]

Ad With Burning WTC Opposing Ground Zero Mosque Approved For NYC Buses

Well, this certainly won’t build the kind of dialogue that the WTC Imam wants. Oh, well, face it, liberals, Islam is responsible for the majority of world wide terrorism (Via NBC NY, which was the first media source I could find that actually had the graphic. Most of the others, including the NY Times, were […]

Oh, Noes, There’s A Minaret In The GOP Convention Logo!

When you really need some stupid liberal conspiracies for your daily amusement, TPM is there: Does The 2012 GOP Convention Logo Include A Minaret? The RNC’s 2012 convention logo features the Tampa Bay skyline and one of the buildings apparently represented in the logo is what was formerly the Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a prominent […]

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